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If you could have one super power, what would it be? 

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5 deviants said Telepathy (ability to read others' thoughts and communicate with them mentally)
4 deviants said Invisibility (at will)
3 deviants said Ability to change the laws of physics (warning, may accidently destroy the universe, and yourself if used recklessly)
3 deviants said Other (please comment) ^_^
2 deviants said Super strength (being able to punch through mountains, jump to the top of sky scrapers, etc...)
1 deviant said Immortality (not aging or being able to die ever)


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Dance of the Winter Fey
I figure I'll talk you through a rather typical process for how I make a fractal in apophysis.

I started working with a mostly-white gradient, and knew that I had to go with a white background.
I was initially unsure what route to take this, winter, blinding light, clouds, or geometric abstraction. However, the negative escher transform created some interesting options that narrowed it down, I went through several variants of things I tried, but when I threw in a couple other transforms to create this distribution, I felt that it was an obvious fusion of the ideas of fall leaves and ice crystals. The initial gradient split I had was much more white, but I wanted to bring out the colors a bit more, so I shrank the gradient distance between 2 of the transforms.

Sometimes I do things differently, and set out to create a specific effect, but often, I try various things that I suspect could create an interesting image, and keep on trying until I'm struck by inspiration of what I want it to symbolize. Kind of a dynamic ink-blot test... and then I tweak things to try to make them more closely resemble what I wish them to, and to get the spacing of elements so that the piece flows, and sometimes to change the colors to highlight or obscure certain elements. Of course, sometimes what I'm trying to capture isn't so much a tangible object, but rather a manifestation of math itself..... Math can be beautiful, even though I suspect most people don't see it as such.
Anyway....... enough about that.

This piece started to remind me of the scene from the original fantasia of fall transitioning into winter. I still consider that film to be one of the greatest pieces of art ever created. Disney might have lost money on it at the time of its creation, but that was true vision. The art that is most celebrated at any given time is rarely the best that is out there. I digress... so yeah, I was thinking of snow, and of folklore, and I thought this was interesting.
Maybe you'll like it, maybe you'll think it's trash, but I like it, and that's all that matters to me right now.

~Created in apophysis 
Norel Map
Some of my friends wanted to play a D&D campaign. I volunteered to run it, but thought making my own world was easier than reading like 1,000 pages about one of the pre-existing ones so that I'd be able to make a decent storyline. I'm submitting this mostly for the lulz. Maybe one of you will find it entertaining.
Oceanus Operon
Sometimes simplicity is a good thing.
I have a tendency to try to understand the whole picture. I try to keep the entire pattern of something in my mind so that I can truly perceive it. I used to believe that understanding something in its entirety would allow you to explore a deeper meaning to it. Sometimes it does. Other times... that greater understanding removes all meaning, sterilizing away the delusions you'd constructed about it. Such occasions.... hurt... and I'm not sure if they ever stop hurting. All pains come and go... some fade into nothingness, others have the ability to open up fresh wounds whenever they throb back into awareness. 
Ah, the ocean. It's beautiful. If you don't try to understand it too much, it might seem magical. A vast matrix infused with the forces of nature and the power of creation.
Yet.... what we are doing to it.... is wrong. All morality is subjective, but only a madman believes that the destruction of something beautiful is a good thing.

Alas, I'm not here to discuss terrible truths with you... this is a fractal. Made of mathematics. It has meanings to me, but they are my own delusions. Perhaps it will have a meaning for you. Part of me hopes so. Part of me really hopes you like this design. The other part ..... it's what gave me the power to create this..... and even though it brings me eternal torment, it's what I chose to be.
I often wonder if I am mad... or if everyone knows what I've learned and just chooses not to think about it. Perhaps it does not matter. Perhaps it is better to dwell in simplicity. Perhaps it is better to simply be, and never ask why. If the ocean could talk, I wonder what it would say on this matter.

~This piece was created in apophysis
Born Anew
A friend of mine asked for a print of one of my works. They pointed out a few of the old ones I've done as possibilities. So, I went back through my flames, and found the source code, and improved the renders, but... I wasn't 100% satisfied. I wanted to try something different with one of them, so I tweaked it a bit, and got this.
I thought the textures were exquisite, and worth rendering if only for that reason.
What do you guys think though?
Created in apophysis

Last night I had a dream.

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 6, 2017, 5:32 PM
In the dream I had, I was underwater, and there was a ray. It wasn't any real type of ray though. Its skin shifted between opacity and translucency. It was a curious creature, and if you touched it, which it didn't mind, bioluminescense would shine forth in a multitude of colors from it. Its flesh would briefly glow a cool blue on contact, but if you pressed yourself against it, it's veins and arteries would spring to light, in brilliant crimsons and purples. Its nerves would light up in networks of greens and golds, and it was always slightly shifting in its hues. It was like a living opal. A sentient creature more beautiful than anything I have ever seen, and probably the most beautiful thing I have ever imagined.

Of course, in the dream, I wasn't the one giving the ray a hug. I've never been that brash.
Alas, it was just a dream. I think that I shall never see anything quite that beautiful in life.
I miss the ocean though. I didn't think I would, but I do.
Maybe someday I'll see it again, though which ocean, and to what end, I do not know.

Night falls like a veil over the world, and while ice reigns here, it fails where it should be thriving.
I have seen the darkness of mankind.... yet, I think I have only imagined the light. Just like that dream.
We can make things that we think are beautiful, but for how long, and at what cost?
I have been somewhat adrift, thinking over the essence of what we are, living through all those that came before.
I had the questions, I have answers, I just wish my answers were better.
To many, perhaps all, this would seem strange. Why ask such questions? Why care about such matters?
I suppose my answer to that, is that it's all I've ever cared about.
I may be many things, but I can honestly say that I am a man who does not care about himself.
Maybe that is my doom. Maybe it is my salvation. I don't know, and I don't really care.
I will be what I am. I have at least imagined beautiful things.
I can make sandcastles, but I sometimes wonder why I should.
Is that age or despair, wisdom or dementia, apathy or cowardice?
I know much, yet desire either the unattainable, or nothing.
I must be a fool, but it's all I can be.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
As a 23-year old Ph.D. student, there are many things in this world that I have yet to learn. I tend to take tasks very seriously, and the creation of art is important to me.

I began making fractal art back in 2006, shortly after I joined DA. Since that time, I have competed in a number of fractal contests and won several. My techniques vary significantly from some that you see among other fractal artists. I have remained on the outskirts of the community, which has in some ways stunted my growth as an artist, but simultaneously challenged me to develop my own techniques and gain a better understanding of the underlying mathematical principals that govern fractals. However, I have learned that it doesn't matter how much time you spend on techniques if you don't put your soul into the art you're making. It doesn't matter what median it is, without passion all you get is a hollow image, devoid of feeling.

While most of my art consists of fractals, I love to write, and I value my prose and poetry just as highly as my best fractals.

I am always eager to help people out, so if you have any questions about how I make my art, or if you would like me to make something for you, feel free to ask. B-)

Personal Quote: "If the door is locked, become the key"


by bib993

When I first saw the thumbnail for this in the fractals category, I thought to myself "this has to be a mistake." Upon clicking the lin...

I could say that this piece is stunning, but that doesn't really seem adequate for an artistic work of this caliper. The color scheme i...



Art is the ultimate expression of the mind and soul. Within all of us lies the omnipresent potential to find peace, agony, joy and ire in all walks of life. How we choose to percieve situations is what defines us as individuals, and how we react is the ultimate test of our character.

The community on DeviantArt is truly incredible because of the amazing people who devote vast amounts of time and energy to make it so. Always remember to be respectful towards others and their art, for a stray callous word against something of extreme individual importance can cause far more torment than intended.


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