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If you could have one super power, what would it be? 

10 deviants said Teleportation (instantaneous, not subject to relativity)
5 deviants said Flying (superman style)
5 deviants said Telepathy (ability to read others' thoughts and communicate with them mentally)
4 deviants said Invisibility (at will)
3 deviants said Other (please comment) ^_^
2 deviants said Ability to change the laws of physics (warning, may accidently destroy the universe, and yourself if used recklessly)
2 deviants said Super strength (being able to punch through mountains, jump to the top of sky scrapers, etc...)
1 deviant said Immortality (not aging or being able to die ever)


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Epistatic Hypnosis by UniversalKinase
Epistatic Hypnosis
This was a rather strange result from one of my experiments.
All the intricacies are on the post-transform.
Anyway, I hope at least some of you like it.
To me, it's more of a thought provoking piece than an emotional one.

Created in apophysis
The Ninth Avatar of Sumbalin by UniversalKinase
The Ninth Avatar of Sumbalin
As he strode across the sandy courtyard, Velan turned his eyes towards the piercing blue sky. North, South and West were cloudless and serene, but this was not true of the East. In the East, thick black columns of smoke rose into the heavens. It had been like this for 6 days. War was coming to Sumbalin, and the Drava army was hardly subtle in their approach. Scouts had reported 100,000 soldiers, all going to be pitted against the 3,000 guards of Sumbalin. This was a city of traders and scholars, hardly ideal for war. However, Sumbalin had one large asset, him.

You do not have to kill an enemy to defeat them. Convince your opponent that they don't want to attack you, or that their losses would be too great, and there are very few generals who will order an assault.
Velan was the ninth Avatar of the city, and he would do his duty.

He nodded at the soldiers who were guarding the city's wall and primary gate, and the engraved metal doors swung open for him.
As he strode out of the city, he raised his voice to a perilous intensity, and the very earth shook with his words. "Drava, turn back, you will not take this city."
He knew the general of the Drava army would not be impressed with such a parlor trick, but he hoped that many of their soldiers were less resolute.
Velan did not slow his gait as he moved through the sands towards the enemy encampment.

For half an hour he made his way East. With each passing minute, the air became less still. By the time the scouts at the outskirts of the enemy camp had spotted him, it had grown somewhat gusty.
Velan raised his voice again. "General, Sumbalin will not surrender to you, but if there are matters you wish to discuss, do so with me now, or take your leave!"

He saw the scouts riding into the heart of their camp, but it was hardly necessary, for Velan had been anything but subtle in his approach.
He waited one minute, and then raised his voice for a final time. "Answer me General!"

Velan looked out at a sea of war tents that were clinging to the dunes like thousands of crimson sun-dresses blowing in the wind. One-hundred-thousand soldiers the reports said, and he was all alone.
Several of the scouts had re-emerged leading a group of archers riding swift desert horses.
Velan waited patiently for the response, which was made perfectly clear when the mounted column raised their bows in unison, and fired first one, and then a second volley at his position.
He scowled, looking up at the dozens of barbed shafts that were plummeting down towards him. The archers were talented to have such true aim in this wind, but it wouldn't last for long. He opened his mouth and took in a colossal breath, and just when the first wave of arrows was about to strike him, he blew out a mighty gust. The arrows scattered like leaves caught in an updraft. The gust demolished the first volley, and moved right on up to the second. Moments later, a rain of broken twigs fell from the sky in between the mounted column and Velan.

The scouts leading the party stalled, but it was much too late, for Velan had heard all the answer he needed. He raised his arms, and the wind that had been growing since he'd departed Sumbalin let loose in torrents. Gales whipped up sand, and ruffled through the waves of tents. The riders and their mounts turned tail and galloped back to their camp, but it wouldn't do them any good, for they had seen the wall of sand and wind that was racing East over the desert, and no amount of brightly colored tents would protect them. 

Velan's entire body was now glowing with power, as his robes whipped wildly in the turbulence. Even over the wind, he could hear the cries of horror from the camp, but they fell on deaf ears.
Entire dunes of golden sand were being devoured by the blast of wind, and in less than a minute, it had reached the camp. Bright red fabric was tossed high into the sky and shredded by the racing particles. Broken tent poles were ground to dust, and horses whinnied terribly as they were consumed by the storm.

When the wind subsided, there was no military camp. Just miles of red threads, and miles of red sand.
Velan sighed. The few surviving bits of his robes clung to him like ancient rags.
Great power has a great cost. Velan glanced back at Sumbalin, and smiled at the sight of the city standing tall, completely untouched by the calamity. 
With a final look into the sky, he saw that North, South, West and East were all cloudless, smokeless, and a beautiful shade of blue, and then, he died.

Fractal Created in Apophysis

I hope you like the fractal, and the story I wrote with it.
You Could Be Great by UniversalKinase
You Could Be Great
You know when you love and hate something you make at the same time? Well, that's how I feel about this piece.
Still, I think it's interesting enough to warrant uploading it.
Created in apophysis


Journal Entry: Thu Dec 4, 2014, 12:38 AM
I've never been good at remembering the positive things in life.
I've focused far too much attention on every mistake I've ever made, every failure and every regret.
It's not a useful thing to do.

Thinking on mistakes briefly is important to avoid repeating them.
Thinking on them too much will lead you to avoid any situation where the previous outcome might possibly come to pass again.
The latter of those is just silly. We cannot know the future, and it is stifling to be terrified of things that we have little control over.

There is no mind so great that it cannot be overthrown by loss and fear.
Yet, we are each the architects of our own prisons, and our outlook on any situation governs a large percentage of our perceived reality.

I say the following more to myself than anyone else:
Do not lock all the doors around you just because they might have something bad behind them.
Life is not about playing it safe. Life is a fire that can engulf anything it touches. Sure, you can lock it up in a lantern and live life in a glass cage, but then you'll never know the beauty and exhilaration of running free and devouring every experience imaginable.
If all of us are flames, then we burn as hot, as bright, as big and as long as we chose to. Well, for the most part. The important thing is to believe that you have no limits, for then the prison you've built around yourself will cease to be.

Sometimes looking inward can feel like running through a forest of knives, but it doesn't have to be. Selective information filters are not an artificial construct, but rather an innate aspect of our biology. It is ironic that for all our technology and all our combined experience, we aren't really much better at seeing who we are than we ever were before.

Meh, I'm starting to ramble, so I'd better call the journal here.
Best wishes to you all this holiday season.

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  • Watching: Dr. Who
  • Playing: FTL


UniversalKinase's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
As a 23-year old Ph.D. student, there are many things in this world that I have yet to learn. I tend to take tasks very seriously, and the creation of art is important to me.

I began making fractal art back in 2006, shortly after I joined DA. Since that time, I have competed in a number of fractal contests and won several. My techniques vary significantly from some that you see among other fractal artists. I have remained on the outskirts of the community, which has in some ways stunted my growth as an artist, but simultaneously challenged me to develop my own techniques and gain a better understanding of the underlying mathematical principals that govern fractals. However, I have learned that it doesn't matter how much time you spend on techniques if you don't put your soul into the art you're making. It doesn't matter what median it is, without passion all you get is a hollow image, devoid of feeling.

While most of my art consists of fractals, I love to write, and I value my prose and poetry just as highly as my best fractals.

I am always eager to help people out, so if you have any questions about how I make my art, or if you would like me to make something for you, feel free to ask. B-)

Personal Quote: "If the door is locked, become the key"


Paradisia falls by bib993
by bib993

When I first saw the thumbnail for this in the fractals category, I thought to myself "this has to be a mistake." Upon clicking the lin...

The deep is mine by sanguisGelidus

I could say that this piece is stunning, but that doesn't really seem adequate for an artistic work of this caliper. The color scheme i...



Art is the ultimate expression of the mind and soul. Within all of us lies the omnipresent potential to find peace, agony, joy and ire in all walks of life. How we choose to percieve situations is what defines us as individuals, and how we react is the ultimate test of our character.

The community on DeviantArt is truly incredible because of the amazing people who devote vast amounts of time and energy to make it so. Always remember to be respectful towards others and their art, for a stray callous word against something of extreme individual importance can cause far more torment than intended.


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